• Dog For Hire: Process

    Here's some insight in the process of creating my neurotrash digital collage comics. Read more >>

  • Weather-Or-Not: Web App Process

    Earlier this summer my buddy Missy Moreno and I decided to make inroads in learning how to work with React and APIs. We decided to make a cheerful weather web app that had some kind of suggestion system based on the weather forecast at a given location. Read more >>

  • As Serious As Your Life

    Death is around the corner. How we come to terms with, that is the business of our living. Read more >>

  • Willful Blindness

    History is not the past, history is the present. We carry our history with us. To think otherwise is criminal. -James Baldwin Read more >>

  • S-N-A-K-E-S

    Made when Simon Reinhardt was visiting Pittsburgh in April of 2017 for PIX, the Pittsburgh Independent Comics Expo. It was a confusing time, so naturally, this is a confusing zine. Read more >>

  • Hope and Perseverance

    I’m currently looking for work as a Software Developer. I’m at the Junior level right now and have I’ve been looking for work since May. It’s been a challenge, as you can imagine. I’m smart and hardworking, but so are a lot of people. Companies have only recently started to rehire as state ordinances allow businesses to open up more so there's a lot of demand for work and not a lot of supply of work. Read more >>

  • Eggnog and Pencil Shavings

    Last December I was asked to illustrate a holiday card for the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council. This is the process of how I made it. Read more >>

  • That Box We Sit On

    That Box We Sit On by Richie Pope is a little comics miracle. This comic, much like Super Itis and Fatherson, is a testament to the power of Richie Pope’s imagination. I want to pop open the hood and take a look at what I see going on in this excellent short story. Read more >>

  • The Vanity of Ghosts

    Instagram makes me lonely. For a while I've tried to figure out why. Read more >>

  • On Kernel Image Transformations

    I’d like to share the paper I wrote for my senior thesis in linguistics from Carnegie Mellon University, **Kernel Image Transformations: **An exploration of transformational grammar in visual language. My advisor for this was the ever helpful and patient, Thomas Werner. A huge thank you to him for helping me cross the finish-line on this.