• my 1st CCS anthology

    Right before SPX 2012, a couple of us in the first year class at CCS decided to make an anthology.

    You can check it out below in the photo I took before I handed them all out to folks at SPX. Each of the students involved created a two page comic relating to  the theme of Summer. The style and content had a really satisfying range. Nostalgia, humor, introspection, abstraction were all present. I’m proud that my fellow classmates and I are off to a strong start.

    Speaking of SPX I have to say right now that I was truly blessed to see all you, my cartooning friends from Pittsburgh at the expo. To know that there were over 2 dozen representatives of the Pittsburgh self-publishing scene was really inspiring. If it weren’t for most of those folks I wouldn’t be where I am today.

    I’ll certainly be posting a more in depth look at the highlights from SPX, but for now, I’m off to draw gags for Jason Lutes.


  • Summons


  • VIA 2012: Pittsburgh's Freshest Fest

    VIA 2012 is coming up on the horizon! A festival that’s just as much a tech and culture laboratory, VIA’s bringing talented folks from around the world to do what they do best for a whole week. From workshops, performances, interactive art, dance free-for-alls, VIA has been the root of some of my greatest experiences in Pittsburgh.

    Are you up to date with all the different gals and guys that are going to be present? Educate yerrself by checking out the music guide that VIA’s put together.


  • Leisurely Oozin'

    The following is a 2 page contribution to a spontaneous little comics anthology that several students at the Center for Cartoon Studies decided to undertake before classes started. The theme for the issue was Summer. This was my take on it. I’ll have some photos of the finished work, seeing as how it’s in the process of being laid out as I type…

    I post this in honor of Dylan Williams. No preciousness, no holding back, just comics.


  • handlettering for PGH Zine Fair

    Today I finished up a little page to celebrate the upcoming Pittsburgh Zine Fair on September 22nd. Thought I’d share with y’all.

    If all goes well, this’ll be the back cover for the program guide for the event. I’ve never hand lettered to this degree, so it was a satisfying exploration. This isn’t the best scan, but it’ll do for now.


  • WRCT: an inked zine

    gettin’ there. now I’ve got to get it into a printer friendly mode so that my good friends in pittsburgh can print, staple and distribute.  I’ll have some photos of it being distributed sometime soon. For now, enjoy the meat and potatoes of it…

    Much love goes out to all the freeform freaks out there in radio-land.

    The kind folks at WRCT took some photos from their recent orientation event and sent some my way. Gotta say that it gives me an immense amount of joy to see these little guys being put to use in the hands of folks interested in the station.


  • Monoprint Close Up

    Can you guess what this little guy’s two favorite things to do are?


  • Illustration: El Gallo De Oro

    As you may know, I do illustrations for Carnegie Mellon University’s newspaper, the Tartan. I like the weekly illustration challenge as I improve my drawing chops, especially because I get to see the images go to print.

    Here’s a peak at my most recent contribution. It was for a Forum Article regarding the recent (and seemingly ineffective) facelift that a campus food vendor got. The article is on the Tartan’s site.


  • 22 Panels that Always Work (Sometimes)

    An oldie but a goodie from Ivan Brunetti from Schizo #4. Riffin’ on Wood.


  • Laura on El Vibora #62

    Just something I thought I’d share. Drawn by Laura in 1984, ain’t it a beauty? so you might ask, Quien es Laura?

    Unknown to most anglophones (and even many Spaniards), Laura Pérez Vernetti is a spanish illustrator from Barcelona that contributed regularly to the underground Spanish comics magazine, el Víbora, from 1981 until 1991. Her work is distanced from standard aesthetics and conventional narratives, focusing primarily on comics that deal head on with themes of erotica, experimental forms, and socio-politcal commentary(the Spanish Civil War in particular). Additionally, she has adapted the works of Maupassant, De Quicey, Jung and Kafka to comics. A more comprehensive bio can be found on the Lambiek Comiclopedia.

    Most recently she put out an homage to the Portuguese poet, Pessoa. A biography and adaptation of his poems and prose, she published ‘Pessoa & Cia’ in December 2011 through Luces de Gálibo. Those spanish speakers among you, interested in learning more about this book, which she both wrote and illustrated can check out the short that RTVE aired in January of 2012, along with the article written by Jésus Jiménez.

    Here’s a taste of her style: