• The music of Spiderman

    Holy moly maca-role!

    WFMU on it, as always.

    5 years ago, DJ Kliph Nesteroff prepared a whole show that revealed the masters from the 1960s television program. Listen in. You might learn something while your ears have a blast. There’s plenty that you might miss if you just listen, so feel free to check out the WFMU blog for more information.

    Be warned, many of the links don’t work. Alas, that is the way of the internet. To alleviate your search, here’s a link to the audio.

    On a related note, Darryl Cunningham, author of Psychiatric tales, has some art you might like.

     Darryl Cunningham

    A particular highlight: The Hellraisers by Syd Dale



  • Submission for WRCT T-Shirt Contest

    Every spring, WRCT has a spring staff t-shirt designed by a staff member. The shirts get submitted and then all of the staff votes. There’s a friend of mine that loves manatees, so I thought that this would be appropriate.

    This following audio is very related.



  • La boule qui roule

    Here’s some quick, Bleck inspired movement. Nothing fancy.

    The cinematographic effect is pretty simple: Hover then zoom. I’m wrapping up my time at Carnegie Mellon , so I’m tied up with many a things, but know, good readers, that when I want a break and something optimistic to think about, I think about what cool things I can share with you! Thought I’d share this little playful bit.

    I’ll likely be adding some color to this and spicing it up. I’ll use a Joost Swarte style palette of pastels.

    Goldfish, Wolf and Bean + Zipatone.


  • The Muster List

    Charles Forsman, of Snake Oil and the Oily Boutique had a dream. It was a good dream.

    Now you can find new mini-comics, support artists directly and do so with ease! That’s right folks, the spirit of Factsheet Five is alive, undistilled  and aimed towards comics. Thanks Charles.

    If you want to be listed in the Muster-List, all you have to do is ask Charles. It’s that easy.

     Check it out here!


  • The First ToonSeum MiniCon: April 2012

    jazz and soul. my little nook.bustlingChris and AnnaA great turnoutPaulette Poullet: the only Puerto-Rican Cartoonist in Pittsburgh?Jared Catherine promotes his incrediman stories Dave Wachter chats with RachelThe CMU crew. Andy Scott of AndromedaDSC_7443Scott HedlundDoodlin' the night away Jeremy BaumThe reading cornerVirginia and Rachel talking shopMe cueing up some music from the WRCT archivesDan GreenwaldShawn Atkins and Nick Marino Barry LinckNick MarinoJason, Natalie and JimDan repping the Cyberpunk ApocalypseTom Scioli in battle modeTomasz and Kate providing nourishment

    The ToonSeum MiniCon 2012-04-06, a set on Flickr.

    As promised, here are some photos from the event.


  • ToonSeum MiniCon: Super Rad Time For All

    It was awesome. I’ll be doing a write up soon, so that you can get all of the juicy details. Obviously, you can expect some pictures so that you can be bummed out that you didn’t come by.

    I organized the event in under two weeks, so there sure was a lot anxiety on my part as to whether or not Pittsburgh cartoonists were going to be willing to take a leap of faith with me in changing up the notions of what a independent press expo could be like. Not to mention, whether or not anyone was going to show up!

    I’m so grateful for everyone that helped out and participated.


  • 90 Minutes of Nothing But Burns

    I’m busy, but you deserve a post, dear reader.

    Check out Charles Burns speaking at the Rochester Institute of Technology. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=b407VbCIeaA#!

    I’ve always liked seeing what material Burns apes and seeing how he transforms it. My vision of Burns envisions him as a classic 20th century cartoonist whose processes are so fixed, that when presented with his work, it’s always obvious that he has created the image. Some people argue that he’s a one trick pony, but to those I say that they’re not looking closely enough at what he’s doing with traditional american imagery.


  • Get WRCT to the top!

    Shameless self-promotion:

    Your favorite freeform radio station WRCT Pittsburgh has been duking it out with the finest non-commercial radio stations from around the world these past two weeks. We’ve been participating in Soundtap.com’s Madness competition. A march madness style competition between noncommercial radio stations.

    We’ve been advancing round by round thanks to the support of our regular listeners and now we’re about to be in the final four. Nevertheless, if WRCT is to come out victorious in the next round, we need your help. Help us out by listening in and discover some new music along the way!

    I really appreciate your help in getting Pittsburgh’s little old WRCT to the top of this freeform competition. We love being the underdog and you, dear web listener, can make all the difference.


  • Eisner at the ToonSeum

    As odd as it may seem, Pittsburghers can find a slice of the Big Apple in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh until May 27.

    This is because the ToonSeum, Pittsburgh’s museum of cartoon and comics art, is currently presenting Will Eisner’s New York, a rare collection of original works by legendary comics pioneer Will Eisner. The exhibit chronicles the artist’s informal history of the city that shaped many of his illustrated masterpieces. Simultaneously personal and universal, Eisner’s depiction of New York City captures the nuance that the greatest of biographers are capable of.

    The exhibition is curated by cartoonist and critic Denis Kitchen along with comic book writer and editor Danny Fingeroth; it is presented in partnership with the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in New York (MoCCA). MoCCA had originally organized an Eisner retrospective in 2005, soon after Eisner passed away at the age of 88. Many of the pieces are from this restrospective. The ToonSeum’s display of Will Eisner’s New York is the first time that this particular collection of New York oriented work has been shown outside of New York City.

    Considered one of the most important contributors to the development of the artistic medium of comics, Eisner was best known for his leading role in establishing the graphic novel as a form of literature with his book A Contract with God, and Other Tenement Stories. In this work and the subsequent works he created during the ’80s and ’90s, Eisner explored the communicative depths of the medium and laid down a framework for generations of aspiring cartoonists.

    Will Eisner’s New York allows audiences to explore the artist’s most intriguing element, the ever-changing landscape of New York City. The exhibit includes over 50 original works spanning Eisner’s 70-year career, each capturing a glimpse of the city’s beauty and squalor. Dense but not overwhelming, the exhibit allows visitors to fully experience the city from pre-Depression to modernity. From immigrant ghettos to claustrophobic subways, dirty alleyways to towering rooftops, ramshackle tenements to grandiose bridges, Will Eisner’s New York reveals the artist’s powers of observation and empathy and, above all, the brilliance of his pen.

    An exhibit like this makes it possible for visitors to lean forward and peer at the original drawings and, in so doing, increase their appreciation of Eisner’s art. Getting close to the original drawings, and to such a broad array of them, reinforces the notion of Eisner as a master of this 20th-century art form.

    The ToonSeum’s main gallery houses the exhibition and displays it in a concentrated yet uncluttered fashion. A lively jazz soundtrack with pieces by the likes of Duke Ellington, Cannonball Adderley, and Cab Calloway accompanies the exhibit and adds the energy of New York to the halls of the ToonSeum.

    Small details in the exhibit like a light post, a fire hydrant, and a manhole cover make for nice touches that embellish the exhibition. These details invite visitors to experience the work viscerally, on their own terms, and to develop their own relationship with the master’s work and with the city of New York.



  • Gearing up for the 1st ToonSeum MiniCon

    I’m currently organizing a comics and zine expo, The ToonSeum’s 1st MiniCon. It’s going to be the core event of the upcoming Geek Artist/Green Innovators Festival (GA/GI). It’ll be happening on April 5th and April 6th. It’s super exciting.

    Want to attend or exhibit at the expo? Well, then check out the site for the upcoming event here.