• Evening in Segovia

    A little sketchbook spread to keep you satisfied denizens of the Crinkled world.shrimp, beer and spilled ink on the aqueduct


  • Illustration for School Newspaper

    [caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”300” caption=”The sketchbook doodle before entering the digital world.”]


    Illustration for for this week’s issue of the Tartan (CMU’s Student Paper).


  • P-p-prototypin'

    Chuggin’ along prototyping the mini-comics for SPX, CCS, PIX and the Pittsburgh zine fair.

    As always, you can expect regular updates on the tidbits of tangible progress I make.more editing work has to be done on "pursuing" given that the printer stops short of the edge. As such, the other pages have to be scaled down so as to allow for ample snipping of the edges.


  • Prototypin'

    one frame per page, long and rolling horizons with engines whirring.


  • The gist of my newest comic exercise.

    As you all know, gags aren’t my thing. At least not yet. Lewis Trondheim has been a really big influence on me and his works Mr. O and Mr. I have gotten me to trying out my own distillations of gags strips.

    The comic before you needs some touching up, but for now it captures the essence of what I wanted to do. You’ll see more frames added in a bit, for now I’m getting other documents to print. The print version of this comic will be a mini comic that has one frame per page and that flips horizontally. It will be a radically different reading experience. In reality, that is how this comic should be read.

    My self imposed deadline for applying to the CCS is looming and as such, I’ve got to kick myself into a higher gear. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

    trssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh tsssssssssssssssssssss tsshhhhhhhhhhhhhh tshhhhhhhhhhhhh


  • Lots of updates in the next few days: Here's a morsel to whet your appetite

    Give me a caption and we’ll see how it fits.Contemplation


  • Pittsburgh 'Zine Fair 2011 - Sept 1st. 5-10 PM

    [caption id=”attachment_184” align=”aligncenter” width=”590” caption=”handbill designed by the ever talented Andy Scott.”][/caption]

    Exciting times are upon us, denizens of the crinkled realm. The Pittsburgh Zine Fair is being held for the first time ever on Thursday, September 1st from 5pm-10pm. The Zine Fair will be held at A.I.R. (Artists Image Resource) in the North Side and will feature over 30 vendors, workshops, hands-on demonstrations on letter-pressing and screenprinting, readings, and discussions!

    About AIR:

    AIR’s 10,000 square foot facility includes an Intaglio (etching) shop, a Lithography shop, a Screenprinting shop, a Digital Imaging lab, exhibition and archive spaces. AIR provides a resource for work in relief, intaglio, lithography, screenprinting, digital imaging, photography, bookbinding, papermaking, letterpress and other related arts.

    Artists Image Resource is located at 518 Foreland Street, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15212 (in the Northside).


    I’ll be there! Will you?


  • CCS App comic scanned: Must be touched up a little more.

    Everyday, a little more gets accomplished. The physical comic now exists digitally (Enjoy it at your leisure.) I learned my lesson from the previous Bü Kowski story and have made sure that the flow of pages makes sense on your computer monitors. In Pittsburgh I’ll be printing the comics, seeing as how the printer here in Cleveland isn’t the hottest on the block. Good enough to make a prototype, though. It will be printed on a soft sandy colored paper to further the agricultural theme.

    For the moment being, the title page is a placeholder. I’m working on a cover and back cover the run more in line with the black and white contrast of the rest of the story. Additionally, the title is just going to be “Stori”.

    Tomorrow, my dad is taking the day off from work and I’ll be taking my day off from comics to spend time with each other, so don’t expect too much from me, maybe just the final retouching of the strip in Photoshop, but I bet you won’t notice many of the differences.

    What I’ll be working on concurrent with the printing in Pittsburgh will be on -a short story told in pantomime entitled Polar Bear Protector. It’ll be my first work in color. The high hope would be for it to be silk screened with two colors, light blue and black. -a Kama Sutra of my own made using accordion folds. -fold style comic that overwhelms the reader with a suffocating grid that expands out to 11”x17” -A collected anthology of my work in the last year including strips, sketches and one pagers. (This will be my Indesign boot camp)

    Oh and if you know of any good online tutorials for Illustrator, shoot ‘em my way. Until then, I’ll be watching assorted youtube videos, developing the most haphazard work practices possible.


  • Finished inking


    It’s 4 in the morning and I’m finished with the 24 pages of my Center for Cartoon Studies comic. Tomorrow I’ll be working on the computer end of things scanning and retouching. Stay tuned and you’ll find the finished pages in tidy black and white glory.

    I’m very satisfied with the dialog pacing of this comic in comparison to that of Lionel and the Punks. All in all, I’m pretty proud of this one.

    Other projects on the way.


  • Wiggling to show you that I'm back

    I’m currently working on my application comic for the Center for Cartoon Studies. I’m chugging along at a good pace on the 26 page story. The plan is for it to be 4.25 x 5.5” in black and white, stitched together. I’ve intentionally made it such that this story, although clearly a CCS application, will be just as readable to anyone who doesn’t know what the CCS is. That way I can trade and sell it at SPX, PIX and in Pittsburgh’s comics shops and have the readers of it both understand it and hell, possibly enjoy it.

    You can rest assured that I’ll be posting up the beginnings of the story soon.

    Besides that, I’m working on creating a little Juanthology, Crinkled and Smudged that contains one pagers, strips and illustrations that I’ve done in the past year, that way I have something organized and quite tangible to submit in my application.

    In the works there is also a silent story called Polar Bear Protector. Heartfelt pantomime. That’ll start happening once inking begins on “Stori Time”.

    Oh and Spain was spectacular, but you already knew that.

    Anyway, wish me luck, motherfuckers. I’ve got 40 days to do all of this before the grind of school starts up again.