Tom Spurgeon, THE COMICS REPORTER, is gone.

I keep thinking about Tom. I barely knew him. I mean, I did and I didn’t. And yet, I’ve been thinking about him everyday. I miss him. I couldn’t exist making, reading and theorizing about comics and visual language in America without someone like Tom, building the internet.

I got on the wrong bus, mistaking a 56 for a 58. eyes grow weary, roads become rivers

Spend some time in the archives of his website to remember him, if you can

Editing and transcribing revisions to my draft on Kernel Images and Visual Transformation Grammar.

I am currently in the home stretch of finishing my degree in Linguistics at Carnegie Mellon University. This shit is grueling on top of my day job. I’m tired, sad, and often angry. But I’m moving forward and I won’t stop until I’m done. Jenn is by my side. I have a sweet cat with us at home named Fran. She is kind and sweet and spending time petting, playing and resting with her has helped me so much this fall.

I feel like I’m hanging in there by a thread of energy and sanity. Everyday is a climb. Problem sets, tests, presentations and my Thesis. I’m just so tired. This post is to serve as a smoke signal for you, friend. It’s also for myself, for my future self to remember how hard this has been. I’m ok. There is light up ahead. I just need to keep moving.

This is what I listen to to stay awake and focused after work and into the night:

Scene Music

Cheesy? Trashy? Who cares. It works.

until next time <3 juan